a note from the founder.


The 21st century is an exciting time for classical music -

people are exposed to it more than ever before. The chance to create content and experiences with classical music presents an immense opportunity. However, the challenge remains to build, engage, and educate audiences so they can better understand the vast scope of this art form, all while aspiring to the next level of artistic excellence.

In 2016, I returned to Detroit because I knew the world needed a project that could bring people together to build a new culture for classical music. Detroit was the obvious choice because it is a place that has never stopped building. Here, if something works, it lasts. Thus, I started the Detroit Sessions as a kind of laboratory, designing experiences with classical music. Two years later, we have grown from concept into a fully functional nonprofit organization and have welcomed more than a dozen artists from around the world. In addition, the Detroit Sessions has received praise from both local and international press, and has worked with many of the leading arts organizations in the area, among them the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Michigan Opera Theatre.

The Detroit Sessions is positioned at the intersection of art, space, and technology. Our mix of traditional and unconventional spaces, international and local talent, and diverse artistic disciplines is grounded in the core value of excellence. We strive to present one-of-a-kind productions, embrace a wide range of perspectives, and challenge our relationship to the realm of the beautiful. Our patrons are encouraged to reexamine, reinterpret, and rediscover with all of their senses. Together, we move forward toward a constructive future for classical music - one that brings people together to create a foundation of ideas that will not only enrich our communities, but also inspire the next generation to rethink the possibilities. 

In 2019, I hope you will join us.

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Ivan Moshchuk
Founder and Executive Director
The Detroit Sessions




executive board

Gretchen Davidson
Lorron James
William Kupsky
Michael Layne
Ali Moiin
Ivan Moshchuk
Scott Schoeneberger

young professional committee

Taylor Hammerl
Gianna Marx
Lydia Michael
Kathleen Nelson
Elliot Rentenbach
Nick Robinson
Matt Weddon